Sharing a living space

The Société des Propriétaires du Domaine Lakefield (SPDL) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and improve the quality of life of current and future home owners within the Domaine Lakefield.

To do so, it takes concrete actions to promote the conservation of lakes and of the natural habitat, the protection of the environment, the maintenance of trails, and the promotion of good neighbourly relations and of social gatherings, while being careful not to limit anyone’s freedom.

Domaine Lakefield owners form a community that shares the common values of respect for the environment and for individual freedoms.

Preserving a privileged environment

In order to protect the privileged environment of Domaine home owners, the SPDL has implemented a list of Domaine Lakefield regulations, which includes conditions on passage rights, the approval of construction plans, the care and appearance of properties, and the permitted and forbidden practices.

In addition to ensuring that these regulations are applied, the SPDL is also responsible for ensuring the proper management of annual membership fees and the maintenance of the domain’s roads and green spaces.

The benevolent members all apply the domain’s regulations. The well-maintained common spaces, electrical installations, walking trails, wooden bridges and roads are a reflection of this desire to share an exceptional living space.

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Visit the SPDL website for useful information and to learn more on the SPDL.

Also visit the SPDL Facebook page.

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