As a land developer in the area, the GSLL Group makes every effort to contribute to the well-being of the community formed by residents who have chosen to settle in this exceptional territory. Among other things, this involves the quality of the residential development land for sale put on the market, the quality of the infrastructure serving residents and the safe and thorough maintenance of private roads and common areas. Living at Domaine Lakefield means living in a community that respects the natural habitat that surrounds it.

A global vision of development

Founded in 1982, Domaine Lakefield is the result of the avant-gardist ideal of creating a living space in harmony with its environment.

With its global vision of development, the developer, Groupe GSLL, hopes to develop a unique community, while maintaining the essence of the picturesque place as much as possible.

Our mission: to create a lifestyle that ensures the balance of the ecosystems and the longevity of the domain’s vast natural territory in a perspective of sustainable development.

Contributing to the well-being of a community… naturally !

Groupe GSLL is an attentive partner that shares the values of the Domaine Lakefield community. To guarantee the quality of life within the domain, the developer ensures that the highest residential, aesthetic and environmental standards are met.

Groupe GSLL is committed to offering all new owners the following services:

  • Assistance of a forestry technician to maintain the health of your lot’s vegetation (forest management plan made specifically for the Domaine);
  • The creation and follow through of a carefully developed  internal regulation to ensure the quality of life and the environment within the Domaine;
  • Inspection of all properties to ensure that regulations on tree-cutting, construction, noise level and pollution are respected;
  • Rigorous markings and maintenance of the Domaine’s roads (all private). Maintenance done by the Société des Propriétaires du Domaine Lakefield (Domaine Lakefield Home Owners Society);
  • Forest maintenance and improvement;
  • Gates that clearly identify the entrances to the Domaine.
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